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Follow the link below for a gallery of renewable energy sources to use in your lesson plan. All Ages.

Smart Exchange – Renewable Energy

This lesson plan covers all aspects of wind energy. Grades 7-12.

Smart Exchange – Wind Energy

In this physics lesson plan, students from grades 10-12 learn how to calculate efficiency of a machine, how work input and output affect energy efficiency, and how to reduce energy loss.

Smart Exchange – Energy Efficiency

In this lesson, students are tested on different forms of energy using Senteo Interactive Response System. Grades 7-9

Smart Exchange – Converting Energy (Question Set)

In this lesson plan, students review nuclear fusion, and how it can be used as an energy source. Grade 9.

Smart Exchange – Nuclear Energy: Fusion

This lesson plan reviews nuclear fission and radioactivity. Grade 9.

Smart Exchange – Nuclear Energy: Fission

In this lesson plan, solar energy is reviewed. Grades 9-12.

Smart Exchange – The Future of Solar Energy in the United States

This lesson plan discusses the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Grade 5.

Smart Exchange – Renewable and Nonrenewable sources

In this lesson plan, students learn about the impact of oil spills on the environment. Grades 9-12.

Smart Exchange - Potential Personal Impact of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

In this lesson, students respond to a question set on the fractionalization of crude oil, using the Senteo Interactive Response System. Grades 10-12.

Smart Exchange – Fractionalization of crude oil (question set)

The following lesson plan discusses human impact on the environment, specifically how energy production affects the environment. Grades 10-12.

Smart Exchange – Human Impact on the environment



Hoover Dam

Wind Turbine

Power Station

Nuclear Reactor

Lemoniz Nuclear Power Plant (Spain)

Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant (Sweden)

Steam Power Plant

Oil Pumping Rig

Offshore Oil Drilling Platform

Coal Power Plant

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